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The Canaries (カナリア Kanaria?)[1] are a group of elves from the west whose mission it is to investigate and take control of dungeons that have surpassed a certain danger level.[2]


Each member of the Canaries hones their unique skills for the sole purpose of conquering dungeons.[3] The majority of the Canaries are criminals convicted of having used ancient magic, with the rest being children of the nobility presented to their country as an act of loyalty, in a ratio of two criminals to one 'guard'. A notch cut into the ear is a mark of a criminal member of the Canaries.[4]

Known Members[]

  • Captain Mithrun and his squad:
  • Fungil the Swift
  • Coyote the Clairvoyant
  • Mikepas, son of Opa
  • Sita the Keen-Eared
  • Yugin the Melodious (美声のユギン Bisei no Yugin?)
  • Milthril the Melancholy (陰気なミルスリル Inki na Mirusuriru?)
  • Pasa and Posa, the twins
  • Helki
  • Snow[5]


Prior to them becoming members of the Canaries, a majority of the members were criminals convicted of using ancient magic.[3][4]


On their arrival to The Island, Captain Mithrun's squad of Canaries went to meet and talk with the Governor and Mr. Tance regarding taking over the dungeon. They had been talking for many hours when Kabru (and Shuro) suddenly burst into their meeting. While they initially did not appreciate his intrusion, they allowed him to make a report on the dungeon. When he mentioned that he came across a tall-man transformed into a monster, they were shocked and further motivated to take control of the dungeon. The Governor decided to give in, with one member of the Canaries pointing out where he needs to stamp the contract, and he tells them to do as they please. Before they could issue the order to come ashore, Kabru asked them to wait. As he told them about the destruction of Utaya, the village he grew up in, they recognized him as the survivor who their vice commander brought back and took care of. When he proposed they evacuate and seal off the dungeon to prevent the dungeon from being fed, they discussed it for a moment among themselves. The Captain of the Canaries agreed to go along with his plan, but on the condition that if anything happened he could send in his troops, which Kabru agreed to.[6]


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