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Sorbet is the eleventh chapter of the manga Delicious in Dungeon.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Continuing exploring the dungeon, the group sees some Ghosts and decides to avoid them, however one still sees them and as Laios drops his food the Ghost attempts to posses him. Marcille uses her magic to defeat it, but as it creates loud sound, the group decides to run before other Ghosts come. They are reminded of how easily Falin would have defeated the Ghosts and how easily she removed a Ghost from a Corpse, without hurting neither of them.

Realizing it would be hard to escape from the Ghosts, Senshi decides to make a talisman. He brews one using fire, insects, salt, sugar, alcohol and other ingredients. He manages to finish it just in time as the Ghosts start to posses the party, but using the talisman in a jar, he easily starts hitting and defeating the Ghosts. Laios then helps Senshi and as he defeats the last of the Ghosts, he notices frost on the jar. Inspecting the jar, Senshi realizes the talisman turned into ice cream and prepares a bowl of ice cream for everyone. Hesitant at first, they all end up eating it and enjoying it. Laios end up commenting that if Falin was with them, they would not have been able to eat something that delicious, but the other misunderstood him that he is glad he is missing. Feeling awkward, Laios regrets that Falin isn't there to get him out of this situation.

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Dishes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first chapter in which two separate (though related) dishes are made.

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