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Boiled in Salt Water is the thirteenth chapter of the manga Delicious in Dungeon.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Reaching a kitchen, the group decides to spend the night there. Chilchuck notices a box and realizes its a Mimic, but decides to keep quiet, so that Laios and Senshi to not get excited and eat it. He recalls how earlier in his life, he opened some chests that ended up being Mimics and how badly that went. Chilchuck ends up being the night watch and their water ran out, he goes to refill some, but notices a coin bug. Thinking it may be a good snack, he follows it to see if there is a nest around, but ends up in the room with the Mimic and accidentally activates a trap that closes the door.

He starts looking around on how to escape and finds the switches and a plaque guessing it says the order of the switches and one is above the mimic, but as he can't read what's on it, he decides to not risk it and wait until morning. However, as he sits on a rack, a Mimic comes out of it and he ends up activating one of the switches, which results in activating a spike trap. He manages to survive, but as the Mimic goes after him, he recalls how Laios and Senshi were telling him that you can flip the Mimics. Being cornered, he activates another switch, triggering another spikes and flipping the Mimic. He notices the box he though of being a Mimic is actually empty and a coin inside with same letters as the plaque, making him realize what it means. He figures out the order of the switches, but as he activates them, the Mimic gets back up and starts chasing him. The door opens and Chilchuck manages to escape, however the Mimic steps on the trap and activates the door again, but ends up being crushed by it.

The group then sees Chilchuck and congratulate him for capturing the Mimic. Senshi comments he haven't cooked Mimic before, but will do his best. He boils it and they prepare eating it, but as they have trouble scraping the meat from the shells, Senshi decides to take Chilchuck lock-picking tools, even though he was against it. Chilchuck explains that he panicked when he though the Mimic would eat the coin bug, but Laios explains its the opposite and that coin bugs enter the Mimic's and eat them. As they keep treating him as kid, Chilchuck explains he is 39 years old, but Marcille and Senshi comment that he is indeed kid and even younger than they though.

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