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Porridge is the fifteenth chapter of the manga Delicious in Dungeon.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Corpse Retrievers find Kabru and his group, realizing they are not dead, but just paralyzed. They heal them, but act if they had revived them. Kabru's group wonders where they money went, but the Corpse Retrievers explain they don't know anything and that they were just lined to the wall. Seeing hair around their hands, they realize its to ward off ghosts and Kuro smells Laios group. The follow the scent to the fourth floor lake and decide to cross it. They defeat multiple monsters while crossing it, however at one point Kuro starts to act strange. They hear a song and realize its Mermaids, so they cover their ears to not hear their songs. As they progress, they end up picked one by one from behind, until only Rin and Kabru are left.

Meanwhile, Laios group haven't made much of a progress as magic doesn't work properly on Senshi and he also wants to take all of the Kelpie's meat. Laios sees something in the water and he and Chilchuck go to check it out. They find grains and bodies, and recognize them from the ones on the third floor. They realize they were attacked by Merman and then hear Mermaids songs, but Laios starts singing and that scares the Mermaids. They place Kabru's group bodies on a solid ground and hope that the Corpse Retrievers will find them.

Laios gathers some food provisions, but Chilchuck stops him from taking the merman even though Laios explains its closer to fish than human. Returning to camp, Laios prepares some food and uses water-weed that was growing on the Merman head as he convinces Chilchuck its unrelated to the Merman. He shares the food with the rest and Marcille is surprised that something pops in her mouth and Senshi guesses its fish eggs. Chilchuck realizes thats Merman's eggs and asks Laios if he knew that the Merman keep their eggs on the water-weed to protect it, but Laios denies it. As the others enjoy the food, he decides to keep quiet and also eats it.

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