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After a failed dungeon raid that resulted in his younger sister being eaten by a dragon, Laios and the remaining members of his party, Marcille and Chilchuck, set out to rescue her from being digested by the dragon. Having lost most of their supplies in the raid, the group are unable to afford rations, so they make the unusual decision to source all their food from inside the dungeon... including eating monsters! Fortunately, a odd dwarf named Senshi is willing to help them by showing them how to cook the various monsters in the dungeon.
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【公式】『ダンジョン飯』CM (スタッフクレジット入り)【ハルタコミックス】

Promotional ad made by Studio Trigger for the release of Dungeon Meshi Volume 8.



Promotional video for the release of Dungeon Meshi Volume 5 - ~Senshi's Easy Cooking!~

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Bicorns look like jet black horses with a pair of horns on the top of their head pointing backwards...


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