Welcome to the Community Portal for the Delicious in Dungeon Wiki! Here you'll find a list of what we're currently working on to help make this wiki better - feel free to contribute to any of these projects, and don't hesitate to ask any questions. Thanks for any help!

This is up to date as of December 24, 2020.

Overall guidelines[edit source]

  • Remember that the purpose of this wiki is to provide information on the manga Delicious in Dungeon. The pages on this wiki should reflect this, not speculation or opinionated content.
  • Ideally, go off information/naming conventions from the official translation from Yen Press. If unknown, go with whatever translation you have found.
  • Please try to contribute quality content. If you don't think your contribution is very good, don't stress! Someone else will come along and help improve it at some point - such is the beauty of collaborative work.
  • Have any questions? Feel free to message an admin on their wall! Currently the admins are:

Referencing[edit source]

When adding information anywhere on the wiki, you must add references. Please view the documentation on the Template:Ref template page for guidance.

Further guidelines:

  • Please refer to Chapters and Volumes for the chapter numbers as published by Yen Press.
  • Page numbers:
    • Please reference each page and not a series of pages (i.e. reference page 1 and page 2 as separate references and not like so: {{ref|m|1|10-30}})
    • Page numbers (for chapters) must include the Cover Page, as it occasionally appears in the middle of the chapter.
    • The 'Plot' section of Character Pages does not require page numbers to reduce clutter in the reference box.

In addition, the bottom of the page should have either {{Template:References}} or <references /> there already. You will be able to tell as a references box will appear in the preview. If not, please add the former to the page.

Content[edit source]

Summaries on chapter pages[edit source]

Currently our chapter pages are looking a little empty. Help by adding a summary of the events that occur in the chapter!

General guidelines:

  • Write in the present tense.
  • Be clear and concise - include important events that happen in the chapter, not a word-for-word recap (Chapter 1 is the best example).
  • Try to keep language simple and free of slang/technical jargon.

Filling in character pages[edit source]

The character pages are woefully out of date. Is Falin alive or dead? Who knows! Help by adding in information from the manga.

General guidelines:

  • Add references if you add information. Not familiar on how to do this? See above in the Referencing section on this page.
  • Use objective language and avoid opinions, especially in the Appearance sections.
  • History/plot section: write in chronological order of the events happening in-world.
    • History is anything that happens before the story begins (e.g. referred to in flashbacks) - use past tense.
    • Plot is anything that happens after - use present tense.
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