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Delicious in Dungeon Wiki

These are the guidelines for images on the Delicious in Dungeon Wiki.

Before Uploading[]

Please use images that are sourced from the Japanese version, with any text in speech bubbles removed for clarity. There should be no English text, excepting that written by Ryoko Kui herself.

Image Uploads[]

When uploading an image on this wiki, please provide the following information under these separate headings:

  • Summary/Description: optional; a brief description of what the image depicts.
  • Source: where the image is from. Formatting explained in detail below.
  • Licensing: the appropriate licensing for the image uploaded.

An example of an ideal image upload is File:Boiled_Mimic.png.


Please format the source information as follows, substituting 'X' for the appropriate number.

Chapter Volume X, Chapter X of the manga Delicious in Dungeon by Ryoko Kui.
Daydream Hour Daydream Hour X by Ryoko Kui.


If uploading an image from Ryoko Kui's work, add the template {{Fairuse}} in the "Licensing" section.

  • This is because the images are copyrighted and are only allowed to be used under fair use. Ryoko Kui, Yen Press and Harta own the copyrights to all images from her work.

    For further information from Fandom admins on the subject, see this blog post.