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Dungeons (迷宮 Meikyū?, lit. "labyrinth")[1] are a part of the world of Delicious in Dungeon.


Dungeons were originally created by ancient people in the process of accessing an alternate dimension for infinite energy to prevent the creatures from that dimension from reaching the surface world.[2] Nowadays, they are mostly ancient ruins, though some are naturally occurring.[3] Mages can study dungeon-making at school, though the subject is apparently quite difficult.[4]

Dungeons always have a connection to the outside world else the flow of magical energy will be cut off.[5] Magical energy is sparse at the entrance of a dungeon.[6] Spells appear to be stronger than normal when cast in a dungeon.[7]

Known types[]

There are multiple types of dungeon, three of which have been named:

Stages of Maturity[]

There are several stages of dungeon maturity, according to the Canaries:[3]

  • Level 1: the dungeon is discovered.
  • Level 2: something valuable is found, resulting in an increase in the number of researchers and adventurers in the area, bringing trade and prosperity to nearby towns.
  • Level 3: the dungeon is explored to deeper levels and the profit made on upper levels decreases, with skilled adventurers heading deeper to make a living and a decrease in the number of new adventurers.
  • Level 4: the inner layout of the dungeon changes, with stronger monsters appearing and valuable items once again being found on upper levels. This is the point at which the Canaries wish to stop the growth of the dungeon.
  • Level 5: the monsters become too numerous to destroy and spill out onto the surface, causing mass destruction.[3]

Known dungeons[]

  • Budou Pit (dwarf-style; collapsed)[8]
  • Brud Dungeon Cluster (dwarf-style; captured and made part of the town)[8]
  • The Island, the main setting of the manga (compound-style; discovered in 507)[8]
  • Tower of Night Cries (gnome-style; captured and being sealed under administration of the gnomes)[8]
  • The dungeon near the village of Utaya (destroyed)[9]


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