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The Eastern Archipelago (東方諸島 Tōhō shotō?)[1] is a location in the world of Delicious in Dungeon.

Located in the ocean southeast of the main setting of the manga, the Eastern Archipelago is made up of a number of islands.


According to Shuro, there are constant civil wars and battles between the inhabitants.[1] Rin also mentions that those living in different areas of the Eastern Archipelago may not be able to understand each other's languages.[2] In addition, very few people of the more long-lived races live there.[1]


The cuisine of the Eastern Archipelago largely resembles traditional Japanese cuisine.[3] Rice appears to be the base of most meals[4][5] with dishes such as mirin-boshi-style fish, pickles and soup served alongside.[3]

Notable characters from the area[]


  • Hippogriffs apparently do not exist in the Eastern Archipelago.[6]
  • The saying "A horse from a gourd" is from here, and is used to describe the impossible actually happening.[6]


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