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Egg/The Golden Country (卵/黄金郷 Tamago/Ōgonkyō?) is the twenty-first episode of the Delicious in Dungeon TV anime series.


After returning to the surface, Kabru goes to the Lord of the Island to report what happened in the dungeon. However, a force of elves from the west, known as the "Canaries," is already pressing the Island Lord to vacate the dungeon. Kabru enters the negotiating table and tells them that he is from a village that was once destroyed by a demon that emerged from the dungeon, and makes a proposal to the elves.[1]


Shuro and Kabru see the local Lord being visited by the Canaries, Elvish dungeon specialists. Not wanting the Canaries to take ownership of the dungeon, he and Kabru propose that they could seal the dungeon. The Canaries put Kabru in charge but warn him they will invade the dungeon if his plan fails. In the dungeon, Izutsumi senses a spirit, confirming Laios’ recent hallucinations were actually a ghost. The ghost can finally explain it wants them to meet someone. Agreeing, the group are teleported to the legendary Golden Castle at the labyrinth's heart where farmers are living with tamed monsters as livestock. The village makes Izutsumi strangely docile as the monster taming spells affect her too. Chief Yaad, Delgal’s grandson, explains the sorcerer cursed them with immortality. Delgal, sickened by the sorcerer's actions, fled to the surface to get help but never returned. Marcille is able to inform Yaad Delgal reached the surface hundreds of years ago but died after promising his kingdom to whoever killed the sorcerer. Yaad explains the winged lion that originally guarded the dungeon was imprisoned by the sorcerer but first prophesized the sorcerer’s death by a warrior with a winged sword who would become king of the dungeon. Laios worries this refers to him and is overwhelmed by everything that has happened.

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