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Half-foots (ハーフ フット Hāfu futto?) are a race in the world of Delicious in Dungeon.

Appearance and Biology[]

Half-foots are a race of small humanoids that are lightweight and have exceptional hearing.[1] They tend to have lifespans similar to that of tall-men, but their true age can be hard to discern due to their childlike appearance. They are often discriminated against and suffer from prejudice but they try to live as proud of who they are.[2]

The average lifespan of a half-foot is around 50 years old.[3]


Half-foots become adults at age 14.[4]

It appears that half-foots are uncommon in some areas (like the Eastern Archipelago), such that people from those areas think that half-foots will grow up to be tall-men or dwarves.[5]

Known Half-foots[]



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