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Huge Scorpions (大サソリ Daisasori?) are a type of monster in the manga Delicious in Dungeon. A Huge Scorpion is the first monster the party prepares as food and tries to eat.[1]

Anatomy and Appearance[]

Huge Scorpions resemble normal scorpions, except they are much larger - approximately one quarter of the size of a Tall-man.[2]

Behavior and Weaknesses[]

Huge Scorpions prefer dark crevices on the upper levels.[2] When attacking, they lash out with their pincers to grip their prey, and then inject their prey with neurotoxins from their stinger.[3]

An easy way to catch them is to wave a stick-like object near their pincers, and then, when they reflexively grab it, fish them out.[3]

Culinary Usage[]

Huge Scorpions are edible. The head, legs and tail should be removed prior to cooking, especially the tail as it causes diarrhea if eaten. The innards should also be removed, as they generally taste bitter and have a bad texture; however, if pickled they are good as beer snacks. If boiling the Huge Scorpion, scoring the body will allow it to cook better and be easier to eat, as well as making the broth tastier.[4] They turn red when they have been boiled[5] and the meat shrinks a little, making it easy to pull from the shell.[6]

Huge Scorpions have been used in the following dishes:


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