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Izutsumi (イヅツミ?)[4], also known as Asebi (アセビ?)[5], is a character in the manga Delicious in Dungeon. She is a former member of Shuro's retainers and is currently a part of Laios' party.


Izutsumi first appears in Shuro's Party wearing a black shinobi shōzoku with a veil that covered all of her face except her eyes.[6] She later loses the veil, and is seen wearing the same outfit with a covering for her hair and ears.

In Laios' Party, she's later seen wearing a brown sleeveless vest, red armor bracers, a red scarf (often tied as a bowtie), and a short brown skirt.

Izutsumi is then revealed to possess feline features due to a curse placed on her, including black cat-like ears on the top of her head, with a white tip on her right ear, and a black white-tipped tail.[4] In addition, she has black fur over most of her body, covering her chest (in anime her chest in the same color as her skin, but still furry) and back, right arm down to her hand, left upper arm and shoulder, right upper thigh, and entire left leg. Her nails are closer to claws, having pointed tips, and she has fangs in her mouth.[7]



Izutsumi is not actively aggressive towards those around her but she is prone to becoming annoyed and hostile, especially when showered with physical affection (e.g. head pats).[8]

She is rather stand-offish and aloof, but quite blunt, especially when expressing her discontent. She tends to be fairly self-centered, but is in the process of learning the value of working with others.[7] She is capable of finding rapport with others and is even able to find her place among her peers.[citation needed]

Izutsumi is primarily fueled by a determination to find someone to lift the curse on her body.[9] She can be impatient to achieve this goal, which manifests in frustration due to what she perceives to be the slow progress of Laios' group through the dungeon.[7]

She has terrible table manners and is a picky eater.[10] She has a tendency to offload unwanted duties onto others.[8]

She also exhibits behaviors very similar to a cat. For example, Izutsumi enjoys sleeping in Chilchuck's bedroll as his is the warmest, much like a cat would.[11]


Izutsumi, like Shuro's other retainers, is a very capable fighter. She primarily uses the agility and claws from the cat side of her to launch attacks, but has been seen to use tools and weapons from time to time.[7] She has a keen sense of smell.[8]



"A major pain"

Maizuru was Izutsumi's primary disciplinarian in the Nakamoto household, drilling into her the most basic of table manners.[12] She was also bought for Maizuru by Shuro's father as a gift (being described as him buying a cat for her) and Maizuru is the one who placed the curse on Izutsumi's neck which summoned a hag which would try to kill her, likely implying that she does not have a positive view of Maizuru.


"The stuck-up guy"

Daydream Hour 3 Shuro And Izutsumi Interaction

Izutsumi seems to have a fairly distant relationship with Shuro, even for a retainer.[13] This is demonstrated by Maizuru's lack of trust in Izutsumi to not put strange things in his food.[14] In addition, she is not grateful in the slightest to his family for having taken her in, though this is likely because they bought her and do not pay her for her work.[15][12]


"The one with horns"

Izutsumi views Tade as stupid for taking on unwanted duties. Izutsumi also tends to foist food she dislikes on to Tade.[8]

Laios Touden[]


Izutsumi thinks Laios is a weirdo for his interest in monsters. Everyone else in the party except Senshi agrees with her.


"She's got pointy ears."

When transported to the Golden Castle, Izutsumi is much more docile and finds enjoyment in Marcille's company, typically hovering around Marcille so that Izutsumi can be petted. One may come to believe that Izutsumi's preference for Marcille can be traced back to the fact that Marcille is responsible for lifting Izutsumi's second curse. After leaving the Golden Castle, Izutsumi resumes her normal state of mind, heavily regretting and agonizing over her recent behavior.[16]


"He's small and warm."

Izutsumi's initial relationship with Chilchuck is frosty at best - he calls her a misbehaving beast hybrid, and she disparages his Half-foot heritage. However, he soon apologizes for his words and tries to explain to her the value of working with others.[7]

In addition, much like a cat would, Izutsumi enjoys sleeping in Chilchuck's bedroll as his is the warmest.[11]


"The guy who makes food"

Senshi takes a father like role in Izutsumi's life, due to him wanting to see to it that young ones eat well. He reprimanded Izutsumi for her unwillingness to eat mushrooms, poor table manners and carelessly wasting food when they first met, when she scooped the mushrooms out of the risotto he made and threw them on the floor. He also teaches Izutsumi that a meal is only something that can occur if everyone is at the table, which she doesn't understand at first. Later in the series, Senshi helps Izutsumi realize that they can't do whatever she wants whenever she wants forever.


  • Her favorite foods are fish, meats and crab.[17]
  • Her least favorite foods are vegetables and mushrooms.[17]
    • She hates mushrooms,[18] although she briefly did find them delicious when eaten in the sauce for her Hamburg steak.[19] Later, while the others ate Crispy Mushroom and Egg Sandwiches, hers contained no mushrooms, implying that she hated them again.[20]
  • Her first cause of death within a dungeon was shock due to having Laios' animated corpse catch her when she fell from a tree.[21]
  • All of Shuro's retainers have names related to plants. Asebi is known as the Japanese andromeda (Pieris japonica).[22]
  • On first encountering Izutsumi (as the veiled Asebi), Kuro shows a degree of aggression towards her, cluing the reader in before it is revealed that she is part cat-like beast.[23]
  • Her mother appears wearing a Deel, implying that her family may be from a region modelled after Central Asia.
  • Izutsumi is unable to taste sweetness, similar to a cat which lack some of the proteins needed to create the gene that helps the body taste sweets. This is seen when attempting to make Hot Succubus Milk where she is unable to identify if the white powder she is inserting into the beverage is sugar, as it does not seem to have any flavour to her.[24]


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