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Kobolds (コボルト Koboruto?) are a demi human race in the manga Delicious in Dungeon.

Appearance and Biology[]

Kobolds are humanoid, but are covered in fur and have faces resembling that of canines. They have an extremely strong sense of smell, and are capable of remembering and instantly recognizing both the scent of their companions as well as their enemies.

They aren't very talented when it comes to speaking in the 'common' tongue even when taught properly, this is due to the fact that their vocal chords have a different structure than most other intelligent races. Because of that limitation, there isn't much communication between kobolds and other races. [1]

They have high resistance to poisons,[2] and are also capable of eating rotten food without getting sick. [1]

The average male height is 150cm, for females, 140cm. Their age of maturity is 13, and their average lifespan is 55 (They are considered a 'short lived' race)[1]

Culture and Geography[]

Not much is known about the culture of kobolds due to their general lack of communication/contact with other races, due to this relative isolation, many see kobolds as pitiful, especially since the only time most people would ever see a kobold is as a slave.[1]

Kobolds are mainly located in the deserts of the western continent, they thrive in such areas since they're far more capable of living in harsh environments than other races. There are apparently only a few tribes that live close to humans[1]. According to Kabru, kobolds in their native lands can be extremely vicious and hostile due to the lack of resources available to them, implying that Kuro's quiet and friendly demeanour is somewhat unique ((as well as the fact that he left to explore the world at all.))[3]

Known Kobolds[]


  • The reason Kabru is capable of speaking a limited amount of the kobold's native language is because there was a small settlement of them near Utaya[1]



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