Laios Thorden (ライオス トーデン Raiosu Tōden?) is one of the main protagonists and leader of the party.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Laios is a Tall-man with short blond hair and light gold eyes and average height. His outfit while dungeon-crawling is a set of silver plate armour that reaches his mid-thighs with a belt around his waist. He also wears a pair of silver gauntlets, a white shirt under his armor, silver knee guards, and simple brown boots.[3]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Laios is a very strong fighter and the leader of the party. He often uses the knowledge gained from cooking monsters to develop techniques to defeat them, and is a quick thinker who comes up with full plans on the fly. He is a very calm and gentle person but gets very excited when he talks about monsters, which bothers most of the people around him. He tends to speak very quickly when excited.[citation needed]

Despite his deep knowledge and passion for monsters and proficiency in combat, he often falters outside of these situations due to an absence of self preservation or common sense towards his objectives.[citation needed]

Laios tends to lack tact and social skills when dealing with others, often saying everything that comes to his mind to the point where it causes frustration and confusion in others.[4] Despite this, he is extremely friendly and accepting towards others, being quick to forge friendships with other groups and even orcs, and becomes excited at the prospect of others seeing him as their friend.[citation needed]

He is smart

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Marcille[edit | edit source]

One of the original members of Laios' party. She is loyal to Laios and her party members despite her initial unwillingness in eating monsters. He sees her as a good friend and mentor, but often finds her actions overbearing.

Chilchuck[edit | edit source]

One of the original members of Laios' party. He is loyal to his party and willing to follow Laios' lead in whatever he's cooking. Laius enjoys talking to Chilchuck, and they share a common interest in alcohol. Laios was very obviously surprised and shocked when Chilchuck was revealed to be 28 years old.

Senshi[edit | edit source]

Joined the party after hearing them argue about eating monsters to survive. Laios deeply respects Senshi because of his knowledge on eating monsters, and Senshi in turn treats him like a student of sorts. The two enjoy talking about how to cook monsters with each other, often forgetting about other people when they talk about it.

Falin Thorden[edit | edit source]

Laios' sister who was eaten by a Red Dragon while trying to protect Laios. Laios set out with his party in the dungeon to rescue her. The two were very close growing up and share a common interest in monsters. He cares about her a lot - even though he was severely injured, he wanted to go after Falin to look for her, and his entire quest is based around finding Falin.

Namari[edit | edit source]

One of the original members of Laios' party. Although they have had disputes in the past about weapons, Laios admires and respects Namari's expertise. Laios holds no ill feelings to Namari for leaving the party.

Shuro[edit | edit source]

One of the original members of Laios' party. Although Laios thinks highly of him and considers him a friend, Shuro finds his oblivious nature to be troublesome and difficult to deal with.

Kensuke[edit | edit source]

A mollusk monster that lives in the sword Laios found while fighting Living Armor. It becomes agitated when there is a monster nearby. Laios seemingly cares about Kensuke, but it may just be because Kensuke is a monster, because when Falin expressed interest in eating monsters, Laios didn't hesitate to propose eating Kensuke.

Izutsumi[edit | edit source]

Also known as Asebi, she was a servant of Shuro but now is a member of Laios' party. She is a half-monster and looks like a cat. She does not like to eat monster's food and doesn't have a good relationship with the members, principally Laios. Laios tries his best to be nice to her and doesn't hate her despite her lack of cooperation, and shows interest in her anatomy.

History[edit | edit source]

Laios and his sister Falin grew up in an unnamed village in the north,[5] where their father led the people as chief.[6] As a child, he was interested in the world around him, at least once bringing home a bug's egg case.[7]

During his childhood, Laios received The Dungeon Gourmet Guide (「迷宮グルメガイド」 Meikyū gurume gaido?) as a birthday present from his parents. He was completely enraptured by the book, and would have it read to him when sick. He would also fight with his sister over reading it. (He has copied out pages of the book at least once). At some point in his youth, this precious book was thrown on the ground and dirtied by others.[8]

One day, after hearing the villagers talk about a ghost in the graveyard, the two sneaked out to find it. After exploring for some time and finding nothing, Laios decided to head home with his sister, grabbing what he thought was Falin's hand but in actuality grabbing the ghost, which then attempted to possess Laios. This encounter awakened Falin's latent talent for cleric magic, which she used to rescue Laios from the ghost. Although the villagers' fearful reaction discouraged her, Laios assured her what she did was incredible, and if she learned to use it properly she could help people around the world with it. She brightened up at this suggestion, and the two promised to travel together once she learned to use magic.[6]

At some point during his teenage years, Laios became tired of his hometown, in part due to the ostracism his sister experienced due to her magical talent. He then entered the army, but left because he was unable to adjust to life there. Taking on odd jobs from merchants, he gradually moved further south and towards the Island. A year or so after he left, Falin also departed the village, presumably to attend the Magic Academy.[9] While she studied there, the siblings wrote to each other regularly.[10] Eventually, Laios stopped by the Magic Academy where Falin had been studying, and she insisted on going with him to the Island.[9]

The siblings began their adventuring careers on the Island with a gold-stripping group.[9] Laios died at least once to Living Armors during this time (his first death in the dungeon) and was afraid of armor for a while afterward.[7] The two would gain experience from this and little else, as they chose to give their earnings to party members who were too ill to re-enter the dungeon.[11]

Three years after their gold-stripping adventures,[7] the siblings had formed an adventuring party that was strong enough to make it deep into the dungeon. Around this time, a door was found in the dungeon that seemed to lead deeper than previously thought possible. The Governor of the Island requested adventurers make a copy of the pattern on that door, so the Thorden party went looking for it but encountered a Red Dragon in the process.[12] The party was hungry and weak due to previous circumstances and were in the process of being defeated in battle when Falin pushed Laios out of the way of being eaten by the Red Dragon. Her final act before being swallowed was to teleport the rest of her party, brother included, to the surface.[3]

Plot[edit | edit source]

The story begins with Laios awakening in a field, hungry. As he stirs, his fellow party member Marcille comes up to him and fills him in on the details: while they are safely on the surface, his sister is missing (which he tells her is because she has been swallowed by the Red Dragon) with most of their belongings still in the dungeon, making them practically penniless. Another member of his party, Chilchuck, approaches to reveal more unfortunate news: two members of their party (Shuro and Namari) have resigned, having been recruited by others.

Laios, wanting to set out to save his sister, contemplates the monetary cost of exploring the dungeon. However, he confirms with Chilchuck that they would not have enough to hire new members and equip the party sufficiently, even after selling all they own. Determined to return to the dungeon immediately, he proposes the extreme idea to have the other two leave the party, sell their items and go in solo. Marcille, while moved by this, insists on coming with him, as does Chilchuck. Laios is thankful, but darkly asks the two if they are willing to do whatever it takes to get his sister back, which they confusedly agree to. He then explains his plan for food: taking what they need from the dungeon, including eating monsters. While Chilchuck considers its potential, Marcille objects strongly.[3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Laios does an excellent impression of a dog, noted first by his sister[13] and then by the rest of his party.[14]
    • The names of the dogs he has owned are: Anoutolid (アノートリド Anōtorido?), Fucchi (フッチ Fucchi?), Nussa, Muimui, Dustrag and Boff.[14] Anoutolid and Fucchi appear to have been family pets.[15]
  • According to Falin, Laios looks like his father when he grows his hair out.[16]
  • During Laios' dream, he mentions that he hasn't seen his parents in over 10 years.[17]
  • When trying to sleep, instead of counting sheep, Laios appears to count satyrs/fauns.[18]
  • Both he and his sister were engaged in the past but had their respective engagements annulled.[19]
  • Laios' age is unknown for the earlier portion of the series. When Chilchuck said he would turn 29 later in the year, Laios referred to him as "Mister Chilchuck" (チルチャックさん Chiruchakku-san?), implying that Chilchuck is older than him.[20]
    • It is stated that he is approximately three years older than his sister Falin.[21] As she is in her early twenties,[22] this would put him in his early or mid-twenties.
    • It is later revealed that Laios is 26 years old.[1]

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