Mimics (魔物の擬態 Mimikku?, lit. "mimicry monster") are a type of monster in the manga Delicious in Dungeon.

Anatomy and Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mimics resemble large hermit crabs that typically use treasure chests as their "shells",[1] although they can use any container as a home. Juvenile mimics are about the size of a thumb. Younger mimics will often use other objects as their shells, such as pots, helmets or animal skulls.[2] It is possible to differentiate males from females if flipped over.[3]

Behavior and Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Mimics lie in wait for unsuspecting adventurers to open them, then attack by using their pincers to either stab or pull the adventurer into their box.[1] They typically will place themselves in locations that are hidden yet obvious to attract attention.[4]

They can be taken down by a spell,[2] and are vulnerable to being crushed without the protection of their shells.[5] They are also preyed upon by Treasure Insects.

Culinary Usage[edit | edit source]

Though they are not poisonous, Mimics may have poison in their system due to their diet, so it is best to remove the digestive tract.[6] They can be cooked and eaten much like crabs, although thin tools may be needed to dig out the leg meat.[7] The pale leg meat is flavorful and chewy and tastes richer as it is chewed, and it is suggested that it and the darker body meat would taste good together.[8]

Mimics have been used in the following dishes:

Other[edit | edit source]

Their shells can be used in a pinch as a mold for things such as soap. Marcille uses a Mimic's shell to hold the Kelpie Oil Soap she makes.[11]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The initial one-shot of Delicious in Dungeon involves Laios' party encountering (and eating) a Mimic.[citation needed]

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