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For the chapter or episode of the same name, see Chapter 42 and Episode 19.

Nightmares (夢魔 Muma?) are type of monster in Delicious in Dungeon.

Anatomy and Appearance[]

Nightmares, otherwise known as shen, look very much like clams.[1] In actuality they are a type of dragon.[2]


Behavior and Weaknesses[]

Nightmares hide in pillows[1] and take hold of sleeping people to give them bad dreams and feed on their emotions.[3] They particularly love emotional wounds, like those caused by stress or traumatic events, and will aggravate such memories to cause bad dreams.[4] If a person remains trapped in their dream, they will eventually weaken and die.[3]

If someone is having a dream caused by nightmares, they should not be forced awake as this can apparently cause mental damage;[3] though in practice (for smaller nightmares) this seems to just leave them with no memory of the nightmare that occurred.[5] One method of defeating them is to enter the victim's dream by falling asleep while using their body as a pillow,[3] then protecting the victim's emotional wound. This can be dangerous, however, and should only be tried by experts.[4]

Culinary Usage[]

Nightmares can be prepared much like their mollusk cousins. They will spit out the dirt and grime inside them if put in hot water for a short time.[2] If boiled, the steam from the cooked nightmares will show a mirage of the dreams it caused as experienced by the dreamer.[6]

They have been used in the following dishes:


  • In Chinese mythology, shen (蜃) are shape-shifting dragons that create mirages, with the character for shen also used to mean a large shellfish.[7]


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