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Senshi (センシ Senshi?) is a Dwarf warrior in Laios' party.


Senshi is a dwarf with tan skin, black hair and round black eyes, and possesses a stocky build. He also has a long and ruffled beard, which was initially very dirty (to the point of being resistant to magic) but was later cleaned with assistance from Marcille.[1] His nose is a bit large and his face is very basic unlike the others. His eyes also go slit-eyed when skeptical.[citation needed]

He is almost never seen without his hat, which is a full plated helm, with horns, two holes at the bottom right, and a "X" on the middle. It is noted by Laios Touden that it was somewhat sweaty.[citation needed] He wears forearm guards that are brown and fluffed. He wears some metal armor on his calf and hip area, with some sandals. The male members of the party also think Senshi is handsome, though only in their memories.[2]


Senshi has a very traditional and obstinate personality. Since he has spent ten years learning how to eat monsters in the dungeon he can be very set in his ways, leading to clashes with other party members (especially Marcille and occasionally Chilchuck). However, since they showed interest in eating monsters, he is very happy to share his skills with them.

Senshi can be very careless. He has a savant-like interest in cooking monsters and little else. This leads him to neglect maintenance of his weapons[3] and walk into traps despite being warned of them.

He holds a strong belief in only taking what is needed[4] and giving back to the dungeon what he takes from it[5], and can get frustrated when others do not respect this.[6]

He despises all forms of magic, believing its overuse can lead to one's downfall.[5] He is initially quite stubborn about not using it at all, but eventually accepts essential spells to traverse the dungeon. He becomes unnerved at the presence of resurrection magic, as he says it is unnatural for people to come back from the dead. In other words, he treats magic with a great deal of gravity and caution.


Laios Touden[]

Laios and Senshi share a common interest in the cooking and eating of monsters.[citation needed]


Senshi's dislike of magic often puts him at odds with Marcille, the party's magic user. He believes Marcille's use of powerful spells to defeat monsters is destructive to the dungeon's ecosystem, whereas Marcille believes use of said spells is justified as the monsters are actively trying to kill them.[6]


Senshi likes Chilchuck but due to the physiological differences between Half-Foots and Dwarves Senshi has believed for a long while now that Chilchuck is a child who must be protected and taught the ways of the world.


Senshi has little to no respect for his weapons or traditional smithing, much to Namari's chagrin as a fellow dwarf.[3]

Previous dwarven party[]

The group that Senshi was part of as a young dwarf consisted of himself, Briggan, Invar, Noor, Totan and their leader Gillin, as well as their horse Annu.[7] They used to be exasperated by Senshi's carelessness with his weapons.[citation needed]


Senshi comes from a place called Izganda.[8]

At some point in his past, Senshi received an adamantine shield as a family heirloom. He found he had no use for such a thing however, and turned it into a pot.[3] He also at some point had a mythril cooking knife forged. He has since taken great care of both.

At the age of 35[9] Senshi was the youngest member of a small mining group who would trawl ancient ruins from before the war in search of artifacts that would make them rich. To their joy they came across the Golden Castle hidden on the Island.[8] Terrified of being left behind, Senshi went along with the group as they dived deeper into the ruin, growing increasingly uncomfortable with the greed he saw in the rest of his party.[9] The sudden killing of one of the group brought them to their senses as they realized the ruin was turning into a dungeon. They tried desperately to find their way out,[10] eventually running out of food.[11] Senshi was told to stay behind in their base and make maps as the others went out to look for food, making him feel pathetic as he was not contributing to the group's survival.[12]

As time passed, the group lost most of their members to a mysterious bird monster (thought to be a griffin) until the only three remaining were Senshi, Brigan and the leader Gillin.[13] Tensions slowly arose between Gillin and Brigan revolving around providing Senshi with food[14] which culminated in a fight first between the two[15] and then with a griffin that resulted in Brigan's death.[16] Gillin prepared a soup from the griffin's carcass for Senshi and left to pass water, never coming back.[17] However, Senshi was never certain that the meat he ate was griffin meat, which haunted him at every meal for many years.[18]

After spending some time poring over his maps and deciphering the runes of the dungeon, Senshi worked up enough courage to look outside the door, but found no trace of his group member's remains.[19] At some point as he made his way towards the surface, he was taken prisoner by the orcs, eventually befriending and exchanging knowledge with them.[20] He eventually did make it to the surface, but could not bring himself to return to his homeland after what had happened in the dungeon, instead making a life for himself on the top few floors of the dungeon.[21]

For many years, Senshi maintained the third floor by taking care of cleaning dungeon bathrooms (removing the occasional zombie) and fixing the remaining golems. He used the dungeon bathroom waste as the starter for making fertilizer for vegetable fields he tilled on the golems.[5] In the past he sold the excess vegetables on an honor system, but stopped due to constant theft of the money. At some point, he began a regular bartering relationship with the orcs from the lower floors.[22]


On one of his supply trips to the surface, Senshi comes across a group of adventurers attempting to cook a Huge Scorpion hot pot. Watching them struggle, he eventually steps in and assists them with the meal using his expertise. After eating with them, they introduce themselves as tall-man Laios Touden, elf magic user Marcille and half-foot locksmith Chilchuck, on a mission to find Laios' sister who had been swallowed by a Red Dragon. Senshi introduces himself and asks to join them, eager for the opportunity to eat a Red Dragon.[23]


  • When serving a dish, his catchphrase is "It's done!" ("完成じゃ!" "Kansei ja!"?).[24]
  • His name means "seeker" in Dwarfish.[25]
  • He is from somewhere called Izganda (イズガンダ Izuganda?).[8]
  • He appears to have the ability to tell the temperature of things by touch. He is also apparently resistant to heat up to at least 180°C.[26]


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