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Shuro (シュロー Shurō?) is a former member of the Touden siblings' party. His real name is Toshiro Nakamoto (半本 俊朗 Nakamoto Toshirō?).


Shuro is an Eastern man with long black hair tied back in a ponytail, fair skin, and black eyes. He is shorter than Laios but taller than Marcille. When he appears again in the story, he appears more gaunt with sunken eyes and an unshaven face.



Ordinarily, Shuro is a reserved man who doesn't often make demands of others. He has trouble expressing his true opinions to other people, instead relying on subtle social cues to imply what he feels. If the other party doesn't understand it, he tends to go along with what they say instead of push the issue.

He seems to be impulsive under pressure, making snap decisions such as rescuing Falin with only him and his retainers, leaving his old party behind on short notice.


Shuro uses a eastern weapon called a tachi.[4] It's sharp enough to cut off a Sea Serpent's head with one stroke.[5]


Falin Touden[]

"I love her."

Shuro is in love with Falin[6] and dives into the dungeon with his own party in order to save her.

Laios Touden[]

"I'm bad with him."

He has always been very frustrated with Laios' inability to read the mood.[6] This resulted in Laios constantly interrupting him in any situation that he tried to interact with Falin. He was secretly jealous of him, however.


"She's kind of scary."


"Apparently he's not a child."

Shuro's father[]

He finds his father to be inflexible.[2] Shuro grew up in his charismatic father's shadow, he believes that no matter what he does, he'll likely never be acknowledged for it.[5]


In general, Shuro has a distant relationship with the retainers, as they are all his father's retainers.[7]


Rather than be closest to his parents, Shuro admired his educator, Maizuru from a young age.[5] Of the retainers, Maizuru has the closest relationship to Shuro, likely due to her being around during his childhood. However, once he found out about Mizuru's romantic relationship with his father, Shuro has been more distant with her ever since.[5]





"I don't really get her."


  • His favorite food is soba.
  • His least favorite food is cheese.
  • His first cause of death within a dungeon was after being turned to stone by a Cockatrice and destroyed thereafter.[5]
  • The widespread use of the name Shuro was a result of Laios mispronouncing his real name, Toshiro.[8][9] Shuro did not seem to care to correct people anymore.
    • Kabru seems to be the only person to call Shuro by his real name.[10][11]
  • His issue of being incredibly indirect when talking such as not outright telling Laios he is bugging him, is how actual Japanese people often talk in real life, matching his eastern origins, and the communication issues that result from it when speaking to people who are not from the east. Japanese and other eastern cultures tend to speak indirectly, especially concerning issues they have with other people or making requests. They rarely if ever phrase things in an outright negative way such as telling someone they're angry with them. They frequently communicate "between the lines" relying on context and unspoken cues to communicate their feelings. Laios assuming he and Shuro are friends because Shuro never told him he was bugging him is a common issue in the real world that often happens between eastern and western cultures as western people tend to be very direct communicators; if you don't tell say what is wrong they won't know, if you say things are fine they take you at your word. In contrast, speaking your mind could be considered rude, confrontational or impolite in eastern cultures, resulting in them being ambiguous when answering questions as a way to maintain harmony, prevent a loss of face, or out of politeness.[citation needed]
  • Shuro being implied to be of noble birth (samurai were elites in Japan so the same could be assumed here) could have exacerbated this due to indirect speaking, being ambiguous when answering questions as a way to prevent a loss of face and the need to "hold one's tongue" when speaking to people of higher rank than himself being very common in high society.[citation needed]


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