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Walking Mushrooms (歩き茸 Arukikinoko?) are a type of monster in the manga Delicious in Dungeon. They are some of the weakest monsters in the dungeon and prefer the higher floors.[1]

Anatomy and Appearance[]

They have the appearance of large mushrooms that walk on two feet resembling upside-down mushrooms.[1] The ones encountered most often are approximately a quarter of the height of a tall-man.[2][3] However, at a certain point in dungeon growth,[4] they can become markedly huge, able to reach from floor to ceiling of a dungeon level. They are then able to extend filaments from their feet to anchor themselves to the dungeon[5] and release spores that on inhalation can incapacitate adventurers, putting them in a zombie-like state.[6] Another variant appears to be much larger versions of Changelings.[7]

A Big Walking Mushroom.

Multiple species are classed under the name Walking Mushrooms, which vary significantly in size, shape, ability and flavor.[8] As they are easily affected by their environment, their general appearance is a good indicator of what the dungeon they are in is like.[4]

They have no visible sensory organ, so it is unknown how they are able to detect other organisms.

Behavior and Weaknesses[]

Walking Mushrooms can be seen chasing extremely weak adventurers on the highest floors[1], although it is unknown if they do so in hopes of eating inexperienced adventurers or for simply territorial reasons.

They can be easily done in by a bash to the head by a experienced adventurer.[1][3] Vertical cuts, rather than diagonal or horizontal slashes, are more efficient at dispatching them.[9]

Culinary Usage[]

Not all species of Walking Mushrooms are edible, and it can be difficult to differentiate between those that are and those that are not, even for veteran cooks.[10] When preparing Walking Mushrooms, the outer three inches of the body and the rear should be thrown away as the texture is not pleasant.[11][12] The feet are good to eat, though, and should be kept.[11]

Walking Mushrooms have been used in the following dishes:


Walking Mushrooms are extremely popular among monster enthusiasts, with a field of study dedicated to examining their varied traits[8] and various associations that go to look for them.[4] One man even wrote a travelogue on his daily experiences of eating Walking Mushrooms, although the final entry indicated he met his demise in the process, turning into a fungus himself.[8] The amount of information known about Walking Mushrooms is surprisingly large, comparable to knowledge of dragons.[17]

As a general rule, every dungeon contains both Walking Mushrooms and Slimes.[4]


  • The final entry of the travelogue that implies the man turned into a fungus himself is titled Matango.[8] This is likely a reference to the Japanese horror film Matango, in which people are unwittingly altered by mutagenic mushrooms.


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